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What & Why

Leafkey is a network of people. We see that when good people network, good work happens. Our mission is to make sustainability in the built environment commonplace. Connecting communities with local qualified professionals is the swiftest path to improve the value, energy efficiency and energy independence of our properties, as well as enhance our local economies. We’re available nationwide, and currently launched in the Washington DC area. If you need help building a network for your community, contact us directly at connect@leafkey.com.

Eco Experts

There are 2 engaging users of Leafkey.com. The first are Eco Experts that make it their business to be green and sustainable, professionals like solar energy installers, energy auditors, geothermal integrators, architects, builders, contractors, roofers, and much more. We have 40 categories of unique specialists. Eco Experts can be found 5 to 500 miles of a zip code.

Eco Advocates

The second are people with an ardor for quality and wish to find or support Eco Experts. We call them Eco Advocates. Advocates are end-users or consumers, sustainability ambassadors, community action programs, associations and happy customers of Eco Experts.

Leafkey Verified

Leafkey Verified is a standard of professionalism. It simply means that the credentials the Eco Expert provided have been verified. Transparency is fundamental. When looking for an expert, review their credentials. Do they make sense for the project that you want done? For instance, a Consultant should not be installing a solar energy system if not equipped with the correct license.

Typically, our real estate is our biggest investment. Long gone are the days of gentlemen agreements, or let’s shake on it contracts. Too many frauds and scams have lost consumers millions of dollars. Before hiring a professional or contractor verify credentials – it’s that important.

A state licensure to do work or provide service is essential to credibility. Unfortunately, every state and jurisdiction has a different way to lookup licenses; there is not a single method that works for all. Several different bodies of government, like the Department of Labor or the Department of Consumer Affairs, administrate state licenses. Leafkey.com digs in and crosses state lines. It doesn’t matter which department or board manages a license or how hard it is to find, we find the license and verify the credibility of the Eco Expert. Most importantly, we’ve created one place to verify all credentials.

Leafkey Referral Network

The Leafkey Referral Network was created with an Everyone Wins business model. Eco Experts receive direct Request for Quotes from consumers, along with referrals from Eco Advocates and fellow Eco Experts. A fair finder’s fee is given for referrals. This is the only network that allows Eco Experts to give and receive referrals from fellow Eco Experts. And it is the only network that rewards happy customers with tools to help their favorite professionals.

Part of the reason features like solar energy is expansive is because of extensive marketing programs. Studies by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory have shown that a $30,000 residential solar energy system could have over $2,700 in customer acquisition costs! Utilizing the Leafkey Referral Network closes the gap between consumers and eco-friendly choices. As a result overhead costs to Eco Experts for lead generation and marketing programs will be greatly reduced, which translates into lower costs for homeowners. The result will increase faster adoption of sustainable features like solar energy, the darling of renewables, making it affordable and commonplace.

Cost & Reward

Join the movement to build a dynamic marketplace for your community, create local jobs, improve your real estate and enrich your local economy. Contact us anytime, email connect@leafkey.com.