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Ecologia Design

Frederick, MD
Sector Specialty:
Residential, Commercial
Ecologia is an Edible and Ecological landscape design and install service that promotes healthy, whole living systems. In addition to consulting, below are the services we provide:

Garden Design & Edible Landscapes
Rain Gardens
Raised Beds & Terraces
Herb Spirals
Food Forests
Permeable Hardscapes
Arbors, Espalier, Trellises
Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation
Rain Water Harvesting Designs
Gardening with Nature
Organic Tree Care & Pruning
Ecological Restoration
Holistic Equine Property Design
Holistic Farm Management
Natural Building Structures
Back Yard Chickens
Earthen Ovens
Contact: Michael Judd
Phone: 240-344-5625
Email: info@ecologiadesign.com
Web Site: http://ecologiadesign.com/

None provided.

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