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Is your insulation working? Find out with an energy audit!

Born out of frustration by not having control on how energy costs influenced their household costs, Leah and Tim Jones invested in market and product research to determine what they could do to address their frustration and serve like-minded others as well.  Hence Glory Energy Solutions LLC was formed. “Energy Solutions” is more than just a name - it is their business model.  

In this feature blog, they reveal how keeping cool isn't just style, it's saving and owning it.  If you're paying to be cool, this will show you how to keep cool and not waste it.


Savvy Seniors: Hire Smart - Avoid Scams.

With the installation of solar being fairly new, people hiring an installer might not know if they are being charged an exorbitant amount or if installation is completely satisfactory.  The trend of home improvement scams can be exacerbated by natural disasters nationwide, when so many homes and buildings are in bad condition and the demand for work on properties is so high. Unlicensed and licensed contractors have been guilty of this behavior, costing individual victims thousands of dollars. Everyone is susceptible to these types of scams, however senior citizens are often sought out and targeted.

Long gone are the days of gentlemen agreements, or let’s shake on it contracts.  Too many frauds and scams have lost consumers millions of dollars.  Before hiring a professional or contractor verify credentials – it’s that important. 


Making a Sustainable Culture Commonplace

In these times and with the means to capture infinite energy resources from solar and wind, Thomas Jefferson would never have let fossil fuel giants dominate federal or state energy policy.  Jefferson was vehement: I set out on this ground, which I suppose to be self evident, "that the earth belongs in usufruct to the living."  Usufruct is the right to enjoy the use and advantages of another's property short of the destruction or waste of its substance.  The message is we have a multigenerational responsibility to our legacy and our environment.  

The IMF Executive Summary notes that a combination of pre- and post-taxed subsidies equates to a global amount of $2.38 trillion, with coal receiving most of the post-taxed incentives.  The report points out that removing energy subsidies for petroleum products, natural gas and coal would reduce CO2 levels by 13% and generate substantial environmental and health benefits.  Huge sets of data support the need for a sustainable future.  Restructuring and balancing subsidies to benefit all citizens is one part to making sustainability commonplace.  


Unanswered Question: Do Unions help the Triple Bottom Line?

Working with unions adds weight to the triple bottom line.  Is it balanced?  When local and federal government have a commitment to fair trade and fair employment, as well as a cleaner and safe environment in balance with present and/or future prosperity, it would seem working with unionized workers is irrelevant.  I continue to hunt for the entire answer.  To understand this requires extensive research.  With union fees, it’s logical to pose the question and say out loud:  do unions help the triple bottom line?


Work with the real McCoy - Verify Credentials

Sting operations from New York to California to Florida - catch unsavory, under-the-table, unlicensed labor workers, all in an effort to save citizens millions of dollars, the value of homes and marketplaces, and in some cases, lives.  


Before Making a Hiring Decision - Verify Credentials

Your home is where you start and end your day.  Before handing the keys of your biggest investment to someone you want to hire, ask them for 3-5 referrals and have them Leafkey Verified.  Leafkey was created for communities and consumers that want to work with reputable professionals in the built environment.  We call them Eco-Experts.  Skilled professionals typically have several credentials.  Our work is to verify these credentials and help citizens find Eco-Experts within a 5-500 mile radius of their zip code. 


Largest Directory of Eco Experts is in Washington DC Area

Making sustainability in the built environment commonplace is our mission. Connecting communities with local qualified professionals is the swiftest path to improve the value, energy efficiency and energy independence of our properties, as well as enhance our local economies. We're available nationwide, and currently launched in the Washington DC area.

Join the movement to build a dynamic marketplace for your community, create local jobs, improve your real estate and enrich your local economy. Contact us anytime, email connect@leafkey.com.  


Pope returns to social Gospel, stressing jobs and ecology

On his second Italian trip outside Rome, Pope Francis stressed ecological sensitivity, a special concern in places such as Sardinia that rely on tourism and agriculture as the prime motors of economic life. The pope argued that one area in which societies ought to be investing in job creation is precisely in eco-friendly enterprises.


Yes, He Can…Put Solar Panels Back on the White House

If you haven’t heard the big solar news, a Washington Post reporter has confirmed from an anonymous source that the Obama Administration is finally following through with Secretary Chu’s promise to put solar panels back on the White House.